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How We Work

Through education, analysis, and teamwork, we will present you with a customized, personal plan to fit your financial and healthcare needs. The recommended plan may be a, Access Health CT Plan, Medicare Advantage Plan, Prescription Drug Plan or a Medicare Supplemental Plan, all offered by private insurance companies.
MPA is licensed by several insurance companies. We will select a Healthcare plan from one of the many insurance companies that provide medical and prescription drug coverage. Many times, the plan results in less cost with added valued features.
There is NEVER a fee for you, as we are paid by the insurance companies. Your plan cost is the same or less, but working through us gives you an opportunity to talk face to face with someone when you have questions or need service.
Working with us provides you with the following features:

1. Proposals and plan choice: we partner with you and offer guidance with choosing the right individual plan based on your financial and health needs.
2. No Fee Services: working through us costs the same as direct with the insurance companies. We are compensated by the insurance company. We offer you the added personal services as needed at the same cost!

3. Education: we educate you on the latest changes and/or trends in the industry that can affect you and your health plan. We keep current on product knowledge/advocacy for most providers.

4. Year-round service: we serve as your advocate, assisting you with claim resolutions, solutions, and answers to questions when they arise throughout the year. We act in your best interest.

5. Added value: we provide you ancillary services and accessibility in the community to help with identifying social services that may be available to you.
6. Annual plan audits: we monitor your benefit/plans and your current condition to make sure that your plan covers any health changes or drug needs that may have occurred in the past year.
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