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Our Role in Your Challenge

Our goal is to provide you with clear information to help you understand your healthcare options and team with you to define a successful solution. Solutions must be personalized and customized to your particular profile of needs. We will:

  • Educate and make available to you the currently available resources and solutions

  • Communicate with you regularly at your desired frequency and mode

  • Be committed to yourself and your goals for the long haul

  • Help you see things from a fresh perspective

  • Help you think things through, then make a decision yourself

  • Help you separate logic from emotion

  • Understand your goals, make recommendations, offer viable options to you

  • Conduct ongoing reviews and updates of pertinent financial information

  • Work with you as a team in good times as well as bad to determine the best course of action


Healthcare Planning Process

We follow a defined process developed for over 15 years working with clients to design customized solutions to their personal, financial challenges through a consultative process.

1. Establish and define our relationship, client goals, and expectations.
2. Gather information
3. Analyze data collected, evaluate the current position, conduct needs analysis
4. Consider different strategies to accomplish defined goals
5. Discuss the plans and recommendations
6. Implement the plan
7. Periodically monitor, review and update the plan

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